How does a student become an inventor? 

Where do you begin from creativity to ownership and commercialization down the road?

The research internships and mentorship program at DWA leverages upon Dr. Gordon Chiu's past and present involvement with real-world projects and businesses. Contact us to learn more about current opportunities.

Highlighted High School Student(s) / Project: 

Shannen Gallagher (11th grade)         

- Enzymes as an anti-inflammatory aid

Highlighted Post-Grad Student(s):


Katelyn Comerford         

- Novel food science market research, ideation and formulation                          


Tesher Cohen (MBA)           

- Research on crowdfunding market environment

Highlighted Journalism and Interviews:   

Lleyton Beinhaker (11th grade)          Journalism

Claudia Millwater (11th grade)          Journalism


Publications: (See Google Scholar for details)


Covalent Conjugates of Graphene Nanoparticles and Polymer Chains and Composite Materials Formed Therefrom

TJ Nosker, JK Lynch-Branzoi, JW Hendrix, BH Kear, G Chiu, S Tse

US Patent App. 16/596,303



Graphene-reinforced polymer matrix composite by an in situ exfoliation method

T Nosker, J Lynch, J HENDRIX, B Kear, G Chiu, S Tse



Graphene-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

TJ Nosker, JK Lynch-Branzoi, BH Kear, JW Hendrix, G Chiu

US Patent App. 16/451,948


Plant press using shearing force

G Chiu

US Patent App. 16/118,584



Graphene-reinforced polymer matrix composites

T Nosker, JK Lynch, B Kear, J Hendrix, G Chiu

US Patent 10,329,391


In Situ Exfoliation Method to Fabricate a Graphene-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite

T Nosker, J Lynch, J Hendrix, B Kear, G Chiu, S Tse

US Patent App. 15/900,137



In situ exfoliation method to fabricate a graphene-reinforced polymer matrix composite (G-PMC)

T Nosker, J Lynch, J Hendrix, B Kear, G Chiu, S Tse

US Patent 9,896,565


Graphene based growing medium and method

G Chiu

US Patent App. 15/645,493


Hair-based flexible knittable supercapacitor with wide operating voltage and ultra-high rate capability

W Liu, K Feng, Y Zhang, T Yu, L Han, G Lui, M Li, G Chiu, P Fung, A Yu

Nano Energy 34, 491-499


Characterization of melt-blended graphene–poly (ether ether ketone) nanocomposite

A Tewatia, J Hendrix, Z Dong, M Taghon, S Tse, G Chiu, WE Mayo, ...

Materials Science and Engineering: B 216, 41-49


based all-solid-state flexible micro-supercapacitors with ultra-high rate and rapid frequency response capabilities

W Liu, C Lu, H Li, RY Tay, L Sun, X Wang, WL Chow, X Wang, BK Tay, ...

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (10), 3754-3764


Advanced Li-ion hybrid supercapacitors based on 3D graphene–foam composites

W Liu, J Li, K Feng, A Sy, Y Liu, L Lim, G Lui, R Tjandra, L Rasenthiram, ...

ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (39), 25941-25953


Stabilization of platinum–nickel alloy nanoparticles with a sulfur-doped graphene support in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

C Xu, MA Hoque, G Chiu, T Sung, Z Chen

RSC advances 6 (113), 112226-112231



T Nosker, J Lynch, J Hendrix, B Kear, G Chiu, S Tse


Highly conductive interconnected graphene foam based polymer composite

YS Jun, S Sy, W Ahn, H Zarrin, L Rasen, R Tjandra, BM Amoli, B Zhao, ...

Carbon 95, 653-658



Introduction of an enhanced binding of reduced graphene oxide to polyurethane sponge for oil absorption

R Tjandra, G Lui, A Veilleux, J Broughton, G Chiu, A Yu

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (14), 3657-3663


Photoactive PDI–cobalt complex immobilized on reduced graphene oxide for photoelectrochemical water splitting

J Balapanuru, G Chiu, C Su, N Zhou, Z Hai, Q Xu, KP Loh

ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (1), 880-886


Highly oxidized graphene nanosheets via the oxidization of detonation carbon


Applied Physics A 120 (2), 543-549


Process for forming expanded hexagonal layered minerals and derivatives using electrochemical charging

KP Loh, J Wang, G Chiu

US Patent 9,221,687



Wearable Battery Charger

A Yu, Z Chen, G Chiu, T Sung

US Patent App. 14/689,362



Hydrophobic and oleophilic sponge-like compositions

G Chiu, A Yu

US Patent App. 14/591,384


High Carbon Grade Graphite Block And A Method To Make It

G Chiu, T Sung, JW McCloskey, RJ Hyatt

US Patent App. 14/307,583



Molecular Filter

G Chiu

US Patent App. 14/607,147



Trend Analysis using Network-Connected Touch-Screen Generated Signals

G Chiu

US Patent App. 14/217,642


Content display engine for touch-enabled devices

DS Champion, G Chiu, J Milton

US Patent App. 13/657,098


Portable Brain Activity Monitor and Method

G Chiu, LD Reid

US Patent App. 13/563,092


Effect of saturated monoglyceride polymorphism on low-temperature performance of biodiesel

GM Chupka, J Yanowitz, G Chiu, TL Alleman, RL McCormick

Energy & fuels 25 (1), 398-405


Solid phase synthesis of phosphinopeptoids as transition state analog inhibitors

PH Dorff, G Chiu, SW Goldstein, BP Morgan

Tetrahedron letters 39 (21), 3375-3378


DWA prep, Dr. Wholesome's Academy, Dr. Gordon Chiu


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