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"Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it."

- Confucius

Dr. Wholesome is a make-believe character created by Dr. Gordon Chiu while he was a house parent and science teacher. Dr. Chiu taught science classes at The EF Academy (Upper School) and The Horace Mann School (Lower School). To supplement this year-long venture, he tutored New York and New Jersey families for standardized exams (such as SAT & ACT). In that same year, Dr. Chiu was named 2017 Governor's STEM professional. "Inventing Happiness" is a summary of his story shared at TEDx2017 in Cape May, New Jersey.

In 2018, Dr. Wholesome's Academy (DWA) was founded as a homeschooling resource for his own daughters. With Dr. Chiu's unique background as a prolific inventor and entrepreneur, DWA became a resource for other families looking to supplement their children's public and private school education with Dr. Chiu's philosophy and teachings. Enrollment ranges from elementary, middle school and high school. Special programs are created for college and post-college working adults.

Each and every relationship with Dr. Wholesome's Academy is unique. We are not a tutoring center. This is a mentoring center that focuses on finding purpose with our gifts and abilities. DWA is a long-term relationship. We desire to create and maintain the best version of each student. Each student develops mastery of knowledge while searching for a greater purpose with their mentor. Statistically, more than 50% of our students score in the 98-99 percentile of the United States. 

The DWA society membership is the next level. The earliest entry begins with high school senior year with post-college acceptance.  Occasionally, exceptions are made for exceptional high school juniors that have committed to a university acceptance. Membership is a lifetime experience. DWA members share problems with each other and are always  helping one another with kindness and respect.  

Today, the Wholesome Society's mission is to help identify and cultivate individuals to become the rising stars of society, the revolutionary pillars of the world. We want to make possible what others think is impossible.




Academic Excellence: 

the first pillar of the Wholesome Society. Your ability to change the world is enabled by first understanding how it works and what it needs.

Kindness: Our goal is to foster servant leadership and to build true communities. The Wholesome Society network is about connecting individuals who care about the well-being of each other and to guide us through the days before, during and after academia.

Positive-Sum Game:

We believe in win-win strategies and we aim to build future job creators and global citizens who create synergistic solutions for the world. 


"...choose being kind when you have a choice between being right or being kind."

- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Message board

" 'I could tell you my adventures - beginning from this morning,' said Alice a little timidly: 'but it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.'"


- Lewis Carroll

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