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"Do not discount crazy things, because they may be the innovations that will change the world."

- Dr. Gordon Chiu

B.Sci., M.Sci, MSTP recipient, ND 

Dr. Wholesome is a make-believe character created by Dr. Gordon Chiu while he was a house parent and science teacher. Founder of Dr. Wholesome's Academy, he is a visionary and an inventor with a mission to invent happiness in others. He is a private academic coach, an educator, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a lecturer, a corporate adviser, a husband and a father.

As an entrepreneur, he is known as "an execution driven businessman". As an inventor, he has a series of patents and collaborations with multiple universities in several countries.

From being a former research scientist at Pfizer and Merck & Co., to being a serial inventor, entrepreneur, author of books, journals and magazines covering over 8 countries, Dr. Chiu is engaged in research and discovery at a variety of globally acclaimed institutions.

He was selected to give his first Tedx talk in 2014 on graphene, where he identified that the lack of: 1) creativity in education and; 2) teamwork amongst governments, are threats against the success of graphene during this century. His inspirational movement in education continues to reach numerous families and communities. He was identified as the governor's S.T.E.M. Professional and was chosen to give another Tedx talk on "Inventing Happiness" in October of 2017. 

Since the birth of his two daughters, he is now focused on the business of inventing happiness and homeschooling his children.

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Happy Children
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